Still from "Flowers and Rebels" (in-progress performance at Yale 
School of Art)

Georgia Kennedy_8_Jouissance still

Still from "Jouissance: A Fusion of the Erotic, Mystical, and 
Political" (video)

Georgia Kennedy_4_agon_3

Georgia Kennedy_3_Agon_2

From a series of ink washes from stills of the pas de deux in a 
1970s performance of George Balanchine's 1957 ballet Agon. 
14"h x 10"w.


"Ashing into the cuff of his pants in jail part 3," dyed cotton, 
corduroy, and denim; charcoal; dirt; lit incense. 
Approx. 6' diameter.

3_River Replace still

Still from "River Replace" video installation during Open 
Studios 2016, New Haven, CT.

6_Mitla Quilt

"Mitla Quilt," approx. 16' x 16. Recycled Fabric. Destroyed.

1_Need No Soil

"Need No Soil," wood, copper mesh, tillandsia ionantha, water.


Still from "Halprin Improv," video, installation during Open 
Studios 2016, New Haven, CT.


Still from "The Relationship Between Guest and Host," 
performance documentation
different times:

Beach Towel, 2015

Digital printing on beach towel on Crane Beach, summer 2015

tapestry shot

Bias Fray tapestries installed during Art Basel 2013, 
The Wayside